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Jacobsen Hr6010 Posted Date:Sep 14, 2021

Description/Note: 2005 Jacobsen Hr6010 has 2963 hrs. Mowing width is 10.5 feet. Machine is not running due to a blown engine. Willing to sell for parts or if someone wants to invest to fix up.

Price: $5000.00 obo CAD

Contact Name: Peter Matson

Contact Phone/Email: 519 216 7441/ pmatson71@outlook.com

Expiry Date: Oct 31, 2021

Toro Grass Buckets Looking for a Home Posted Date:Sep 08, 2021

Description/Note: Have numerous grass catchers for Toro 3100/3150 triplexes as well as for 5400 Reelmasters. They are free to a good home.

Price: Free CAD

Contact Name: Scott Brook

Contact Phone/Email: sbrook@ospreyvalley.com

Expiry Date: Oct 15, 2021