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Golf Course Superintendent Posted On:Jan 19, 2021

Name of Company: Lionhead Legends Golf Club

Position to be Filled: Golf Course Superintendent

Position Description:

Basic Functions: 

  • Responsible for all phases of Golf Maintenance and Agronomic operations, cost control and personnel;
  • Works closely with, advises, and coordinates with the KaneffGolf Directors on any issues related to golf course maintenance;
  • Directs and participates in the construction and maintenance of the grounds;
  • Help to execute any landscape plans for facility grounds or golf course which could include working with outside contractors
  • Administers and enforces all Club rules, regulations and policies for staff and ensuring a safe work environment;
  • Supports and assists with membership seminars and orientations;
  • Works closely with the KaneffGolf Director so to operate the Golf Course in a fiscally responsible and professional manner;
  • Must be able to work independently and be a self-starting problem solver;


Primary Duties:

  • Oversees the cart and maintenance of the turf, ornamental plants, shrubs, trees and wetlands on the facility grounds;
  • Directs and assists the staff on the planting of new vegetation, the replacement, spraying, pruning and trimming of trees and shrubs, the preparation of soil plant beds for aesthetically pleasing arrangements and tending to high stress areas;
  • Provides detailed annual plan for the various property levels and the designated landscaping areas.  Includes rotational design to provide facility with fresh, eye-catching, interesting and pleasant atmosphere;
  • Manages an aggressive water usage tracking plan and irrigation systems and provides monthly reporting on retaining ponds, wells and other water source usage;
  • Help to recruits, supervise and retain maintenance staff.  Conducts employee performance evaluations and exercises disciplinary action;
  • Provides technical, operational and safety training with enforcement of the KaneffGolf Health and Safety policies for employees to ensure that staff are working within provincial and federal guidelines for safe working conditions;
  • Oversees subordinates in proper and safe operation and maintenance of mechanical and power equipment.  Provides input if additional or replacement capital equipment is needed to the Directors of KaneffGolf;
  • Supervises and participates in the application and recording of chemical applications (fertilizers and pesticides) on the Club’s grounds in compliance with all local, state and federal regulations;
  • Supervises and controls all maintenance expenses associated with Golf Course Operations, including payroll, supplies, chemicals and fertilizers;
  • Helps to develop annual operating budget and plans for maintenance and capital improvement projects;
  • Maintains records and completes required reporting for Purchase Orders when ordering parts, supplies and equipment as needed;
  • Schedules maintenance practices around member play and outings to maximize efficiency and minimize disruption to members;
  • Coordinates snow removal and winter maintenance activities where necessary
  • Complies with all KG health and safety assessment notices and orders
  • Oversees preventative maintenance programs for equipment and material
  • Perform such other additional assignments and responsibilities required from time to time by the Company 


Daily Duties include but not limited to:

  • Supervise early morning meeting with team in person to organize mowing of tees, greens, fairways and rough along with daily maintenance of bunkers
  • Set up watering schedule for the day of greens, tees and fairways
  • Help direct the location for all tee markers and hold placements
  • Daily inspection of the maintenance shed for health and safety concerns and making sure it is clean, organized and safe
  • Identify any disease areas of golf course and create a plan of action
  • Sign off on daily payroll in the ADP system
  • Fill in IPM records for the day
  • Make sure all training logs are complete for machinery and daily on course tasks
  • Drive the golf course and inspect for damage, improper cutting, bunker maintenance, gardening and weed removal, cart path safety, garbage removal, tee sign setup and general aesthetics
  • Check in with Proshop for customer feedback, tee time anomalies and general tournament information for course set up
  • Winter snow plowing 
  • Answer all emails and phone messages 
  • Ensure all staff are wearing KaneffGolf uniforms and personal safety gear
  • Make sure all PO’s are properly filled out with machinery part (where applicable), signed by a Director minimum 48 hours prior to ordering, with the final step being scanned and sent to AP@kaneffgolf.com no later than 48 hours after ordering 


Weekly Duties include but not limited to:

  • Authorizing payroll by Sunday 5pm 
  • Staff scheduling 2 weeks out 
  • Checking Tournament schedule for planning team morning meetings for next week
  • Measuring speed of greens for acceptable KaneffGolf Standards with the use of a Stimpmeter
  • Rolling greens to help with consistency of speed and smoothness and monitoring cutting length 3mm to 6mm (or lower if needed)
  • Monitoring blade and reel maintenance and cutting for all machines
  • Supervise driving range cutting and general upkeep
  • Supervise and Apply chemicals and fertilizers as needed
  • Meet with KaneffGolf directors for general and specific feedback, budgets, cost control and purchasing
  • Attend if needed the weekly splits meeting 
  • Meet with mechanic to make sure all machines are being properly maintained with records and purchase orders


Monthly Duties include but not limited to:

  • Topdressing greens to stop thatch build up
  • Verticutting greens if needed
  • Apply chemicals and fertilizers as needed
  • Make sure a Purchase orders are completely filled out and submitted to Accounts Payable
  • Attend joint health and safety meeting
  • Monitoring golf cart maintenance and making sure golf carts are safe and properly maintained for longevity of use


Yearly Duties include but not limited to: 

  • Job Performance Sessions and PMP’s for all key full time employees
  • Aerification of Greens, fairways and tees (bi annually if needed)
  • Apply winter chemical and fertilizer application and cover greens if needed
  • Supervising the irrigation system blow out and winterization
  • Oversee winter machinery maintenance for all machines 
  • Filling out proper payroll hiring and termination records for submission to payroll



  • 5 Years leadership
  • Spraying license
  • Turf Management degree


Resume Submission Deadline: Feb 06, 2021

Contact Information

Name: John Dickie

Position: Director KaneffGolf

Name of Company: Kaneff Group of Companies

Address 1: 8501 Mississauga Rd.

City: Brampton

Country: Canada

Province: ON

Postal Code: L6Y 5G8

E-mail: jdickie@kaneffgolf.com