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IMPORTANT IPMAP UPDATE - Wednesday, September 11, 2019


While conducting on-site visits, environmental auditors for the IPM Accreditation Program have encountered a couple of situations regarding pesticide applications that have been brought to the attention of the OGSA.

We have been advised that in order to be an IPM Certified Agent in good standing, your Ontario landscape exterminator’s licence must be current. Since licence renewal is now available on-line, keeping it up-to-date is a very simple process. Click here to renew your licence on-line.

A more serious situation is allowing trainees who have not taken the appropriate courses to become technicians to apply pesticides without direct supervision. We would like to remind you of the categories described in O. Reg. 63/09. Technicians may apply pesticides under the written instructions of a licensed exterminator who is on-site a minimum of once per week, but trainees must be under the direct supervision of a licensed exterminator at all times. For the purposes of the IPM on-site audit, this is similar to the off-label use of pesticide products (using products not classified for use on golf courses or turf). Since it is in contravention of a provincial law, if no evidence of direct supervision of the trainee by a licensed exterminator is provided to the auditor, the IPM on-site audit will receive an automatic failing grade.


It has come to our attention that Environmental Officers from the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks are performing inspections at golf clubs, with the focus being:
Permit to Take Water

  1. Hard copy correct and readily available.
  2. Confirmation of all recordings being completed as permit requires and current/up to date.
  3. Flow meter information (how many, unit of measure, maintenance, and locations).
  4. View of all meters, pump station and any water sources used for irrigation.


  1. Storage room, inventory, spill control/action plans, MSDS.
  2. Inventory/product waste? What? How? And When?
  3. Exterminators licenses; who and on site?
  4. Posting procedures.

Waste Generation

  1. HWIN registration?
  2. Manifests kept for past two years?
  3. Are you removing all waste oil within 90 days of its generation? If not, are you informing the Ministry?

More information to follow on item c above
Environmental Officers can inspect for compliance related to the following acts:
Environmental Protection Act, The Environmental Assessment Act, Nutrient Management Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, Ontario Water Resources Act and The Pesticides Act.  Please note however, they have no jurisdiction related to the IPMAP. (IPM Accreditation Program).
Typically you will be contacted by the Environmental Officer to schedule the inspection ahead of time.
For further details about what to expect if your facility is inspected, CLICK HERE


OGSA is sad to announce the passing of Mike Mayne - Monday, May 27, 2019

Mike Mayne Jr passed away after a valiant battle with cancer Saturday May 25th in London. Mike worked with his father Mike Mayne Sr and his brother Steve Mayne at OTEC in London from 1986 till his retirement in 2006. Otec was the Jacobsen distributor in Ontario from 1979-1998. Mike is survived by his longtime partner Mary Jane, his parents Mike Mayne Sr and Mary Mayne, his brother Steve Mayne and his wife Janice and Mike's two sons Scott and Brent. Arrangements have yet to be made.  

The Passing of Mike (Michael) Burton - Wednesday, May 8, 2019

OGSA is saddened to hear of the passing of 19 year member, Mike Burton


We Are Golf - Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Ontario Golf Industry Celebrates Second Annual National Golf Day


(TORONTO), May 1, 2019 - Today, Ontario’s leading golf industry associations will meet at Queen’s Park to celebrate the second annual National Golf Day.

National Golf Day aims to raise awareness and highlight the positive impact the game of golf has across the country and in the province of Ontario. Golf has a significant impact on the economy, in areas such as employment levels, tax dollars earned, and from a tourism standpoint. In addition, golf is a lifelong sport that is a strong driver for healthy, active living for participants across the province.

Golf industry representatives will be at Queen’s Park today in Toronto, as well as Parliament Hill in Ottawa, to meet with MPs, MPPs, Senators and policy advisors to spread the word on the many benefits of Canada’s golf sector and the positive impact it has on so many.

 “Golf is the number one participation sport in Ontario – we encourage people across the province to get involved and support National Golf Day in their own way – whether it be playing a round of golf, visiting a course to enjoy family time, taking a lesson, or adopting a school in their community through Golf in Schools,” said Shawn Hunter, Regional Director at the National Golf Course Owners Association Canada.

In Ontario alone, based on a 2014 We Are Golf commissioned economic impact study, the game of golf contributed an estimated $5.40 billion toward the Gross Domestic Product, including 110,000 jobs and $716 million in federal and provincial income taxes.

 “We are really looking forward to today at Queen’s Park, supporting the activities in Ottawa, and celebrating National Golf Day at a provincial level in Ontario”, said Mike Kelly, Executive Director of Golf Ontario. “We are confident that government officials from all parties will be pleased to learn about all of the ways golf positively contributes to our province, and our messaging will focus on the game’s economic impact, charitable funding, business benefits, and health benefits for hundreds of thousands of Canadians”, continued Kelly.

As a group of superintendents tasked with maintaining the many amazing golf courses across Ontario, we know first-hand the benefits that golf courses have on our communities. Each day we embark on a mission of sustainability, conservation, protection, and perfection that helps bring so many benefits,” added Jason Boyce, President of the Ontario Golf Superintendents Association.

Click here for a link to a video highlighting the great work done by golf course superintendents across Ontario. https://youtu.be/LNWTLMpr79g

Simon Bevan, the President of the PGA of Ontario, as well as the President of the Southwestern Ontario branch of the Canadian Society of Club Managers also stands in support of this important celebration of golf. “We are thrilled to be part of National Golf day and believe it is important that the golf industry stands together to illustrate the importance of golf in our province.  It is critical that our local and provincial leaders acknowledge the impact that our business provides to not only the economy but also the natural green spaces that we look after. I look forward to speaking further with our esteemed MPP’s and answer any questions they have on our past and future challenges,” said Bevan.

The Queen’s Park schedule for May 1 will include a breakfast and meetings throughout the day for delegates and MPP’s alike. This day represents a great chance for all involved to celebrate the positive impact golf has in communities across Ontario.


We Are Golf is a public awareness raising initiative sponsored by the National Allied Golf Associations. The Ontario chapter includes
 the following members: Professional Golfers’ Association of Ontario, Ontario Golf Superintendents Association, Golf Ontario,
Canadian Society of Club Managers – Ontario Branches and the National Golf Course Owners Association - Ontario Chapters.
For more information on We Are Golf, visit http://www.wearegolf.ca



For more information, please contact:

Madison Simmons

Telephone: 613-233-8906  

Email: madison@impactcanada.com


Click here for the pdf version of this release.


In Memoriam - Monday, March 25, 2019

Kurt Rasmus Celebration of Life.  All are welcome to join for an evening of sharing memories and celebrating Kurt's life: 6pm April 6 at the Guild Inn Estate, 201 Guildwood Pkwy, Scarborough, ON M1E 1P5

Kurt was a long time Scarboro Golf and Country Club employee and former Superintendent at Ballantrae Golf Club. He passed away suddenly and tragically on Friday March 22, 2019. 



David S. Gourley Obituary - Thursday, May 17, 2018

The OGSA is saddened to announce the passing of Past President and DSA recipient, David S. Gourlay.  Our sincere condolances go out to his many family members, friends and associates.

The full obituary can be found at this link




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Honorary Member Norman McCollum - Letter to OGSA Members - Monday, January 18, 2016


Please click here to view the letter from Norman McCollum