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Speakers' Biographies
http://www.westongolfcc.com/images/sitepicts/Staff%20Photos/rackermann.jpgPat Jones
Publisher/Editorial Director Golf Course Industry
Lawn & Landscape Magazine

For three decades, Pat Jones has been known for his insights into the golf and turf business, his tell-it-like-it-is approach.  Pat runs the leading independent publication in the market and contributes, articles, blogs, videos and his award winning "Parting Shots" column each month in the Golf Course Industry magazine.  Pat began his career in the industry at GCSAA headquarters, where he oversaw communications, fundraising and lobbying in the 80's and 90's. Pat serves on several corporate and non profit boards and lives and works in the Cleveland Ohio area.


John Kaminski Pic.jpgBruce Williams
Director for the California Alliance for Golf
Bruce Williams has been making presentations to golf and turf groups for over 40 years. Born and raised on a golf course he is the son of renowned golf course superintendent, Bob Williams. Bruce has spent 35 years as a golf course superintendent at top ranked golf courses.  He has been involved in leadership positions for 4 decades in golf and turf.  Currently Bruce serves as Director for the California Alliance for Golf. He also operates several successful businesses with Executive Golf Serarch, Inc., Premier Fly Fishing, Fall River Real Estate Holdings, Grigg Bros. and Bruce Williams Golf Consulting.


Adam Moeller
Director of USGA Green Section Education
Adam joined the Green Section's Northeast Region as an agronomist in 2008, conducting Course Consulting Service visits at golf courses in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Ontario.  He now serves as director of Green Section Education, guiding education and outreach materials related to golf course management. Adam graduated from Purdue University with a Master of Science degree from the department of agronomy.  His graduate research involved evaluating thatch management practices for new bentgrass cultivars grown on sand-based greens.  A Wisconsin native, he received his Bachelor of Science in horticulture from University of Wisconsin.  He gained experience working as a summer intern on several golf courses and was selected to particiapte in the USGA Green Section Internship Program in 2007.  Adam is based in the Easton, Pa., Green Section office. 


David Kuypers Pic.jpg

Dave Smith
DCS & Associates
Dave has over thirty years of experience in the golf and horticulture industry and is a past certified Golf Course Superintendent for 25 years.He is a registered Professional Agrologist (P.Ag) and is a lead consultant on numerous new construction projects including golf courses, athletic fields, equine turf, general park land and other green spaces.
Dave develops custom fertility recommendations and cultural management plans for golf, athletic and parkland turf, urban tree maintenance and specialty plantings.



Moeller_resized_mp(1).jpgDr. Eric Lyons , Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Director of Guelph Turfgrass Institute (GTI)
Professor Lyons studies the stress physiology of turfgrass species, specifically, responses to temperature and nutrient availability.  He examines how turfgrass is an important component of the urban landscape, looking at its affect on soil stablilization on roadsides to parks and golf courses.  His program tries to identify the factors which limit the growth and utility of turgrass species and increase the understanding of the causes of these limitations.  
Peter Chorabik
Owner of Toronto Bee Rescue
Peter Chorabik is a full time beekeeper with over 300 colonies. His passion for honey bees originated from his dad's and grandfather's hobby beekeeping in Canada and Poland. His beekeeping started in 2011 and quickly grew from a hobby. In 2018, Peter gave up his career in environmental management/ health and safety to focus solely on bees. 
Peter's bees are located throughout the GTA and include more than 70 hives at several golf courses including: Toronto Gold Club, Markland Woods, Weston GCC, St. George's GCC, Osprey Valley and Hockley Valley. 
Stephen Kajan
Water Resources Engineer, R.J. Burnside & Assoc. Ltd.
Stephen Kajan is a professional engineer with over 12 years of hydrogeological and environmental consulting experience at R.J. Burnside & Associates Limited. Stephen has been primarily focused on servicing the golf industry and has been involved in over 300 golf projects involving environmental approvals, design and water management, specifically related to Permits to Take Water in Ontario.  Stephen has completed numerous hydrogeologic projects involving existing groundwater supplies as well as exploration and the design/development of new high capacity wells, primarily for golf course irrigation. He has also developed well rehabilitation programs for existing wells to restore well yield and improve water quality. Stephen has extensive experience in the development of groundwater and surface water monitoring programs, as well as preparing scientific studies in support of PTTWs. Stephen has been actively involved in the golf industry for over 17 years, starting in 2001 with the Niagara Parks Commission during the construction of Legends on the Niagara, and later transitioning to golf construction in 2004, before starting with Burnside in 2006. Stephen is a member of the Professional Engineers of Ontario, a member of the Ontario Groundwater Association, and a Licensed Well Technician.  
Architect Panel
 Ian Andrew, Golf Architect
Ian Andrew remains one of the most outspoken golf architects in the      business.  He is a long-time advocate of preserving the great works of golf architecture and is well respected for his restoration work.  Ian has shared multiple platforms sharing his views on golf architecture.  He has used the blog to point out the alternatives to Modern Design and how these alternatives will bring more players to the game.  He has written about the future of golf design and even offered up a better sustainable approach to design.  
Jeff Mingay, Golf Architect
Since establishing Mingay Golf Course Design (MGCD) in 2009, Jeff has worked on golf course design and construction projects throughout Canada and the United States.
Jeff provides personal service on each project through hands-on involvement with design and field work, including shaping and construction supervision.  Jeff aims to ensure that each project also produces a distinctive golf course inspired by inherent site characteristics and the unique needs and desires of individual clients. Collaboration between the golf architect, course owners and club representatives is vital.  Jeff has worked with Rod Whitman for nearly a decade.  In that time he has assisted with the design and construction of three of Canada's most highly acclaimed golf courses:  Edmonton's Blackhawk Golf Club; British Columbia's Sagebrush Golf and Sporting Club and Cape Breton's Cabot LInks.
Keith Cutten, Golf Architect
With over 20 years experience in drafting and design, culminated by the successful achievement of a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Guelph, Keith Cutten has the knowledge and technical abilities to transfer ideas into reality.  Having worked as a design consultant for several multidisciplinary firms, Keith has extensive experience in a variety of disciples including engineering, architecture, landscape architecture and environmental planning.  Keith is capable of working closely with all members of a project team and is able to assess the trade-offs between different interests to find solutions that maximize the potential of a site.  His on site presence has enabled him to capitalize on inherent opportunities frequently overlooked by the traditional Architect-Contractor model of construction.  The results are a series of highly acclaimed projects completed in the most economical fashion.
 Patrizia Piccolo B.A., LL.B., Partner. Piccolo Heath LLP

Patrizia provides strategic advice to both large and small employers and their human resources and management teams. Patrizia also advises employers on employment-related regulatory issues, including compliance with the Employment Standards Act, 2000, Human Rights Code, Labour Relations Act, 1995 and Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997. Patrizia is a trusted advisor to senior executives requiring transition assistance, whether they are evaluating job offers or severance packages. Patrizia also has extensive experience with guiding individuals who have been named in a workplace complaint so that they understand their legal rights and obligations. Whether advising employers or employees, Patrizia’s practice covers all aspects of the employment relationship from hiring, performance management, workplace restructuring, termination and post-employment contractual breaches.

Steven J. Mann, I.S.A. Certified Arborist, Forestry Technician Dip., Senior Consulting Arborist. Owner of SJM Arboricultural Consulting Ltd. 
Steve is an ISA certified arborist who has worked in the industry for over 20 years. He is a member of Sir Sandford Fleming College Arboricultural Program Advisory Committee, and a registered proctor for Certified Arborist, and President of the IPM Council. 

Steven specializes in large scale tree inventory, evaluation, management, research, & impact studies. He has managed hundreds of projects related to the identification of important natural features and the significance and/or sensitivity of these feature to development. Steven often is involved in large scale planning applications related to Golf Course properties. He has developed a significant number of master plans, arboricultural management plans, and replanting plans associated with these projects. Steven is an I.S.A. Certified as well as Journeyman Qualified Arborist with a background in modern forest management techniques. He also has extensive experiences in evaluating the specific health, safety, and environmental importance of individual as well as more significant stands of trees in both urban and rural settings across Canada and the Northeastern United States.